Yes, we have a branch office at Podgorica Airport.

When making a reservation, you don’t need to write your driver’s licence number, but you do need to have a valid driver’s licence with you to pick up your selected vehicle.

If you are over 22, you can rent and operate a car rental.

We accept all credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Note:  We do not accept Diners cards.

You can book a vehicle with a diesel engine, in the description of each vehicle you can see which engine it has.

We do offer such a service; however, it needs to be agreed upon 24 hours before vehicle pick up, and it is charged per our additional services price list

Insurance Excess is the maximum amount the client can be held responsible for in case of an accident. Its height depends on the vehicle category, and the amount can be checked during the reservation process.

Additional insurance packages (Premium plan) reduce your own participation in damage.

Yes, if you want the complete information about the price of your rental, however you can always select additional packages and services during vehicle pick up.

To be certain that the desired equipment will be available during pick up, we advise you to reserve it during the vehicle reservation process. However, according to availability you can also request it in our offices.

As our customer, you have the freedom to use the vehicle inside Montenegro, as well as other countries. However, in the case that you plan to use our vehicle outside the borders of Montenegro a special fee is charged. 

All our customers have freedom of movement with their rental, also via ferry.

Our regular offer does not have a limit on the mileage

Our vehicles can be used for a couple of hours per your desires, however the minimum amount charged is always 24 hours. Pick up, and drop off time is always selected during the reservation process.

There is no maximum rent period.

For maximum flexibility, we have enabled the vehicle to be returned with an individual offer at any location (depending on the place of return). You can also choose many vehicle return locations during the reservation process.

During the reservation process, you need to state the exact pick up time.

Note: in case of late arrivals, we hold the right not to release the vehicle

Yes, however in case of pick up and drop off outside the offices working hours a special fee is charged

Yes, police report is obligatory in case of any damage of the vehicle and without police report none of the insurance options are valid

In case you receive vehicle with less then full tank, you will return the same level of fuel as you received. In case there would be more fuel in the tank then received at the pick up, the difference won't be refunded.

It is possible to deliver the car in a hotel, this service would be charged with delivery fee which is depending on distance from our nearest office.

It can be more drivers on rental agreement. At the pick up all drivers needs to present their valid drivers licenses

The costs of washing the vehicle are borne by Renault rent a car, except in the case of extremely dirty vehicles where the costs of washing are borne by the user and in that case 50.00 euros are charged.

Procedure of renting the vehicle lasts 5 – 10 minutes.

Yes, it is necessary to check the vehicle of damages at the pick up.

In case you notice there is damage which is not on check list report please advise our colleagues. It is smart to take a photo of the received car.

If you have damage to the vehicle, it is important to contact Renault rent a car and the police to obtain a police report of the damage to the vehicle.

If you cancel 48 hours or more before your rental period is due to start, the money you have paid will be refunded. If you cancel in 48 hours period before pick-up, the money you have paid will be refunded minus the cost of 3 days of rental. If you had booked the car for less than 3 days, there won’t be any additional charge, but you won’t receive any refund.